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Bricolage is documented in a format called POD inside the Bricolage source files. If you have Bricolage installed then you can read the documentation using the perldoc command and a properly setup $PERL5LIB environment variable. For example:

$ PERL5LIB=/usr/local/bricolage perldoc Bric::Admin

If you don't have Bricolage installed you can read the documentation here. Be aware that this documentation comes from the CVS version of Bricolage (updated daily) and may not exactly match the version of Bricolage you're using. For information about what's changed between Bricolage releases see Bric::Changes.

Entry Points


O'Reilly has published "Content Management with Bricolage" as an appendix to its Mason book. This introduction to Bricolage covers installation, concepts, element administration, and of course Mason templating.





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