bric_ftpd - Bricolage virtual FTP server


$Revision: 1.8 $


$Date: 2004/02/16 08:16:53 $


  su nobody -c "bric_ftpd -S"


This program controls the Bricolage vitual FTP server, which can be used to allow access to Bricolage templates. This may provide a more comfortable development environment for programmers working on templates. Many editors provide FTP modes that make editing files via FTP almost as easy as editing files locally (ange-ftp for Emacs, for example).

There are security risks to consider - FTP sends passwords unencrypted over the network. If you are running Bricolage behind a firewall this might not be a problem.

To enable the FTP server you'll need to install the Net::FTPServer Perl module. After that you can configure the FTP server with the following bricolage.conf directives:

Next you'll need to start the FTP server as the same user that Apache runs as. For example, if you run Apache as ``nobody'' you would use this command to start the FTP server:

  su nobody -c "bric_ftpd -S"

The -S option to ftpd runs the FTP server in the background. For other possibilities see the documentation for Net::FTPServer.

Once the server is up and running connect to it with an FTP client and start editing templates. For more information see Bric::Util::FTP::Server.

To kill the FTP server in daemon mode, use the -k option:

  su nobody -c bric_ftpd -k"


Sam Tregar <>


Bric::Admin, Net::FTPServer, Bric::Util::FTP::Server.