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Recent News

Bricolage 1.8.0 Arrives


It is with great pleasure that the Bricolage development announces the release of Bricolage 1.8.0. The culmination of over 15 months in development, with contributions from over 20 independent developers, and new features sponsored by numerous organizations world-wide, version 1.8.0 represents a significant new pinnacle for the much-lauded open-source content management and publishing system. This release offers more new features, improvements, and performance gains than any previous release.

Kineticode and Mac Publishing Launch Bricolage-Powered


From the press release:

By drawing on the power and flexibility of Bricolage and the expertise provided by Kineticode, Mac Publishing has successfully and transparently launched a new version of the popular Macworld Web site.

Read the release.

Introduction to Bricolage Published

O'Reilly has published "Content Management with Bricolage" as an appendix to its Mason book. This introduction to Bricolage covers installation, concepts, element administration, and of course Mason templating.

eWeek names Bricolage "Most Impressive" of 2002:

When an open-source application developed by a few authors and maintained mainly by one guy beats the pants off million-dollar competitors in pretty much every way, I'm impressed. The Bricolage project provides highly capable and extremely customizable Web content management capabilities, suitable for running even the biggest and most complex Web sites.

Read the complete story

eWeek Reviews Bricolage

Bricolage has been reviewed by eWeek! Here's a quote from the article:

However, an open-source content management system called Bricolage bucks this trend, providing an open option that isn't just capable but is one of the best content management systems eWeek Labs has seen, even eclipsing some of the best-known commercial products.

Read the complete story here.

About Bricolage

Bricolage is a full-featured, open-source content-management and publishing system. Features include intuitive and highly configurable administration, workflow, permissions, templating, server-neutral output, distribution, and document management.

Bricolage is written in Perl using HTML::Mason and Apache/mod_perl. Bricolage uses the PostgreSQL relational database to store content.

The Bricolage publishing system supports pluggable "burners" providing templating facilities. Bricolage includes burners for HTML::Mason and HTML::Template. There are more to come!

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