Bricolage Subversion Repository

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All Bricolage source code is stored in the Bricolage Subversion repository. Subversion is a tried and true version control system that has effectively replaced CVS. You can download it from the Subversion download page. Mac OS X users can grab it from Fred Sánchez's Public iDisk Folder.

If you're interested in hacking on Bricolage, check out the sources from Subversion, make your changes, and send a patch to the Bricolage-Devel mail list. Instructions for how to send a patch are available from Bric::Hacker.

To learn how to use Subversion, check out the book “Version Control with Subversion,” conveniently available online.

Anonymous checkout from the Bricolage Subversion repository is available with the username “guest” and the password “guest”. Otherwise, anyone with a login to can check out the sources.

To check out Bricolage from Subversion, do this:

% svn co

If you haven't authenticated, you will be prompted for your username and password. Note the URL used for the checkout. The first part of the URL after the domain name is “bricolage”. This is the name of the “project.” Other projects are available. The “trunk” part tells Subversion to give us the code from the trunk, which is main branch.

To check out a branch, do this:

% svn co

Again the URL path tells Subversion what to give us. In this case, it's the “rev_1_8” branch of the Bricolage project. The same approach can be used to check out a tagged version of Bricolage:

% svn co

To see what branches and tags there are, browse the entire repository via the Bricolage ViewCVS interface.

The Bricolage Subversion server is graciously hosted and maintained by the crew. Special thanks to Robert Spier and Ask Bjørn Hansen for setting it up!

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